The Bean 293
The Bean 293
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Have an incredible labor day weekend- see ya in a few days

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Trav the bean » 19 Sep 2011 » Reply

wouldnt you?

Glennnn » 5 Sep 2011 » Reply

Its probably to their advantage that the invading horde will have to "investigate" the contents of those kegs and barrels (filled with booze) after they manage to get into the cellar.

Teowulf » 5 Sep 2011 » Reply

Am I the only one who thinks that the floating head style in the bottom left feels sort of like the troll face?

Puck » 5 Sep 2011 » Reply

I really like how Gort's face is part of the border of the comic. That's a great touch, even if it looks a bit odd. I don't see anyone else using that trick.

Glennnn » 5 Sep 2011 » Reply

Aha ! The old secret sliding panel in the basement death trap !
(I hope there's a lock on the other side…)

    Puck » 5 Sep 2011 » Reply

    You can see the outline of the "secret door" behind Ravna if you look carefully.

Manu » 5 Sep 2011 » Reply


shouldn't it read "Would you two shut up and figure a way out OF this death trap!" in panel 2?
Love this comic, let's hope they make it out save!



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