The Bean 295
The Bean 295
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Just love the look on those guys faces. Well I should be working right now, but i have several home projects to do right now. A fence is the big one this weekend. Yet I am still on track meaning all the text layout is all but done. I have some tweaking to do and then to edits


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SotiCoto » 6 Sep 2013 » Reply

… Wait… the goblins are women? o_0;

Talon » 11 Sep 2011 » Reply

Where is the other Ogre that worked there? The cook?

    Trav the bean » 19 Sep 2011 » Reply

    – you will have to go back to about page 90 or so i think?

      idd » 23 Nov 2011 » Reply

      Start at page 96, the URL is p=174
      This is why I decided to make my own character index, I'd be happy to send you a copy Trav, or maybe have it online someplace. Right now it is a spreadsheet, simply so I can move the columns and put the characters near each other for each section — makes editing quicker.

        Trav the bean » 28 Nov 2011 » Reply

        if you want to add and help with the wiki- that would be awesome.

Andy » 10 Sep 2011 » Reply

tear us apart, or eat us alive, but tear us alive? fear has unhinged it's mind i guess..

    Trav the bean » 19 Sep 2011 » Reply

    yup – creatures can say the dumbest things in a moment of panic

Sabreur » 9 Sep 2011 » Reply

The expressions in the last panel are great. That's all there is to be said on the issue. 🙂

Dormin » 9 Sep 2011 » Reply

He stand up against the goblins to give time Rav and Siv to retreat. I can help but see Groogle as a less-Disney version of Shrek.

    Trav the bean » 19 Sep 2011 » Reply

    he's a tough ogre he is.

    idd » 23 Nov 2011 » Reply

    This is Gort, see my post farther down if you want to find what the last known Groggle status is.

Jake » 9 Sep 2011 » Reply

Oh man, the looks on those goblins faces made me laugh so hard! Not to mention the goblin legs and feet sticking out from under the pile of crate splinters:) Keep up the excellent work mate!

P.S: This is actually my first time commenting, I think this was one of the best pages to do it on!

    Trav the bean » 19 Sep 2011 » Reply

    🙂 i am glad you commented and i hope you do it more often. Yeah that one took it to the chops pretty hard.

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