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The Bean 299
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There are times when I dread posting. Today is one of them. Yet there is a much bigger story at work here and the goal is to write a compelling emotional story. I hope I am doing so. I also know and have known that there are elements in a story that are crucial to its growth but not very popular. I’ve struggled with that, yet I see the big picture and look forward to its growth. Thank you for your incredible support.


On a side note, I am added the next 40 pages to the story in the next day or so…. ok I am queing them up. I have a long ways to go before I am done with this.

Also I will be commenting later on this….. we really need to have a forum area to voice some opinions about what is going on? what do you think?




The Kickstarter Project

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Kiarelle » 24 Sep 2011 » Reply

I love the idea of a forum for us to talk…and totally hoping this page isn't quiet as it seems.


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