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so much going on- I am working on all sorts of projects. As for replying I will be on tonight to go over all the comments. I am still around though. Keep creating.


The Kickstarter Project

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animatrix1490 » 26 Apr 2013 » Reply

Looks like Siv just said the fantasy equivalent of Klaatu Barada Nikto.

(b-because he reset Gort… to killing the badguys…….)

Dormin » 16 Sep 2011 » Reply

Don´t worry. Mr. Trav won´t allow the death of a main character even before we have the chance of know his full background. For example, who was Siv´s previous lover?

Ben » 16 Sep 2011 » Reply

What's worrying are the arrows from which Gort is throwing Siv. Something tells me he can't get out of the way quite as quickly.

A.C. » 16 Sep 2011 » Reply

Gort and Siv are both such fascinating characters, but for totally different reasons. I'm also really intrigued by the fact he said 'our' debt and not 'your' debt. Clearly, he had much greater respect for what Siv said/revealed then the Goblins did (and even they seemed somewhat moved by it).

Something tells me Gort is going to 'bring it' once the relatively vulnerable humans are out of range, a bit like trying to shoot the Hulk and instead of hurting or damaging him simply making him angrier. At least I hope so.

Give em' the Ogre's Elbow!!!!!!

glennnnnnn » 16 Sep 2011 » Reply

A hasty exit to the not-so-secret tunnel! -Not so much good bye as see you later…

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