The Bean 301
The Bean 301
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Sorry if you notice some changes in the site. it is not my fault- I am having a few tech glitches.

Hi all- been pretty sick the last few days… sucks, no drawing and a lot of sleep. This will be a short post.

there are 4 days left on the kickstarter campaign if you are interested in getting involved.

keep creating and here’s hoping tomorrow is a healthier day



Kiarelle » 24 Sep 2011 » Reply

Oh wow, great sense of motion in this, the rocks coming apart. And I hope you feel better soon!

Joel » 23 Sep 2011 » Reply

A very fitting way for him to go. One question, who was the ranger who was staying at the inn? Will we meet him or have we already?

Mercy » 23 Sep 2011 » Reply

Hope you feel better soon! It's hard to be creative when one is sick. 🙁

A.C. » 23 Sep 2011 » Reply

Yup, I too thought of Samson even back on the last page, though I think Gort is made of sterner stuff.

Get well soon Trav! 😉

Puck » 23 Sep 2011 » Reply

Interesting… the other Ogre (the one that rhymes all the time) that took Bean to find the sword reacted in much the same manner. ITS MIINE, YOU CAN'T HAVE IT, etc.

Is it a racial thing when goblins threaten to take whatever away?

Karyl » 23 Sep 2011 » Reply

Huzzah for Gort!!!!!!!!!!

Dormin » 23 Sep 2011 » Reply

Now I am thinking in Samson killing Philistines in Dagon´s temple.

    Fira » 23 Sep 2011 » Reply

    Exactly what I was thinking. xD A pretty epic scene in both instances.

steamghost » 23 Sep 2011 » Reply

Ogres will be ogres, I guess. A little slow on the uptake, but when it come down to it . . .

As for trav, the usual deal: plenty of rest, lots of liquids and keep dodging those crossbow bolts.

glennnnnnn » 23 Sep 2011 » Reply

Get them all in one place and drop a building on them- !

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