The Bean 302
The Bean 302
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I am feeling a lot better, still stuffed though-  thank you for the well wishes – though I have a feeling I am going to have to have a tooth pulled, but oh well, it happens.

I also apologize that I have remained silent, I have read all the comments, but I just do not want to spoil things in such a dramatic spot. Yet once we get over this scene – I will go back and comment.


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James_Rye » 7 Dec 2013 » Reply

Man the brother of Gort gonna be so sad or pissed off or whatever it is Ogres do when their brother dies.

Ehol » 27 Sep 2011 » Reply

Now that G.R.R. Martin has legitimized the killing of main characters … there would be no hope for anyone ! We, the readers, couldn't count on our legitimate references in terms of character's survival and we will be like straws that every author could dispose at his best !

… just joking 🙂

Scott » 26 Sep 2011 » Reply

@Dormin — Well, Gort and Siv aren't main characters yet, the story is just beginning. Although between the two, Siv's in more trouble. Ogres can come back from a lot of punishment.

Dormin » 26 Sep 2011 » Reply

Does Travis have the guts to kill a main character (or two, depending if Siv manages to survive this one) so early? I though G.R. R. Martin was the only capable of such atrocity

glennnnnnn » 26 Sep 2011 » Reply

He could still come in the door- dusting off parts of the inn that fell on him (?)

Onasaki » 26 Sep 2011 » Reply

T_T Poor Gort! (That was his name, right? I can't seem to remember..)

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