The Bean 333
The Bean 333
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Kickstarter update-

We are over halfway there with 29 days to go! But still have a ways to go. The best deal is the $30 pledge, you will get both vol 1 & 2. Thanks again for all your support. You can pledge here at the Bean vol 2: the Lost Prince.  If you enjoy this tale please tell your friends, get them to help support vol 2.

Bean vol 3 update- So I am working on chapter 10 right now. i just scanned the next 29 pages of the story and will be working on the text soon. Just changing things a little in my work schedule to be able to keep the updates 3 times a week.

Keep creating and thanks for all the help.



Ben » 8 Dec 2011 » Reply

333! Congrats.

Cat » 7 Dec 2011 » Reply

Now we know why Theron/"papa" doesn't like this guy.

    trav » 4 Jan 2012 » Reply

    part of the reason anywyas

Mercy » 7 Dec 2011 » Reply

Wow, everybody wears nightcaps in this world…

    Celidah » 7 Dec 2011 » Reply

    Of course, Mercy. They wear nightcaps now. Nightcaps are cool.

Grey Matter » 7 Dec 2011 » Reply

He's so tiny! 😀

    trav » 4 Jan 2012 » Reply

    to quote someone famous "size matters not"

A.C. » 7 Dec 2011 » Reply

Hahah, that's AWESOME! Nice one Trav, I'm getting MAJOR Never Ending Story vibes from this little one, and I like it. ^_^

    trav » 4 Jan 2012 » Reply

    glad you are enjoying it

Hoomi » 7 Dec 2011 » Reply

Well, at least he doesn't have his cousin's career, which is telling us how we can save 15% or more on our car insurance…

Dormin » 7 Dec 2011 » Reply

True Neutral, I guess.

    trav » 4 Jan 2012 » Reply

    full of shades of gray

glennnnnnn » 7 Dec 2011 » Reply

Ohh. THAT Brat. He wasn't kidding was he?
Is he still supposed to be a good guy? I wonder about that…

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