The Bean 334
The Bean 334
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Kickstarter update-  $2300 to go!

We are over halfway there with 27 days to go! But still have a ways to go. The best deal is the $30 pledge, you will get both vol 1 & 2. Thanks again for all your support. You can pledge here at the Bean vol 2: the Lost Prince.  If you enjoy this tale please tell your friends, get them to help support vol 2.

Keep creating and thanks for all the help.



Jathaan » 29 Nov 2013 » Reply

…oooh, that's never a good thing to say – especially about a dragon. It's simply tempting fate.

SotiCoto » 6 Sep 2013 » Reply

… That dude is too small to even be a Kobold… unless he is a midget-Kobold or something.

Anyway… some sort of miniscule lizard-fellow.

Lurker » 12 Jul 2013 » Reply

Typo: "while your at it" -> "while you're at it"

Thomas » 18 Apr 2013 » Reply

What a drama queen!

poeso » 9 Dec 2011 » Reply

Oh this scene is hilarious. This guy better be worth it, cause I want that dragon to slap some manners into him.

    trav » 4 Jan 2012 » Reply

    we shall see- oh glad to hear you are feeling better

glennnnnnn » 9 Dec 2011 » Reply

He is pesky, but he must be the boss.
How can we take someone wearing a sock on his head seriously?

    sfbell09 » 9 Dec 2011 » Reply

    I was thinking about the size difference. Mr. Bossy-pants seems to be snack sized. Still, Kudos for not following some fantasy trope as to what a character must look like. I like the direction Bean's scenes are moving in with these new characters.

      trav » 4 Jan 2012 » Reply

      that is important to me to have familiarity and yet not follow trends and notions- it is important that molds be broken

    Dormin » 9 Dec 2011 » Reply

    Probably because he must be a top wizard/weaver who can make you burn alive with a snap of his fingers.

    trav » 4 Jan 2012 » Reply

    he is a boss… as for the sock- its in vogue right now

Marksers » 9 Dec 2011 » Reply

I am a huge fan of your comic! Seriously, I'm not one to buy printed version of them but I WILL be buying a book of this one ;D
Well, provided you change the "your" to you're* in the bottom left panel 😛

    JD2 » 9 Dec 2011 » Reply

    Unless he owes an "at it"… That would be cool 😉

    trav » 4 Jan 2012 » Reply

    lol – this last chapter has been rough- it is actually part of vol 3. All corrections though will be made on the books before they go to press.

    vol 2 goes to press at the end of the month though:) Also I am glad you like it

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