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The Bean 346
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Distribution and Monopolies:

So today I found out that Haven distributors went under a few weeks back. This is a very frustrating bit of information to swallow, because now Diamond is the only one left and they haven’t been very friendly to independents. Why is this an issue for me, well it just makes it even harder for our graphic novels to get into comic book shops. This news just doesn’t affect just me, if affects all the small press venues out there. It is now almost nearly impossible to get books into stores around the globe.

What hurts is that is how I found out about several great reads. In fact some of the best reads were from small press and independents. There is a certain amount of love found in these stories that you don’t seem to find somewhere else.

So what do we do? Well thank goodness for the internet for one. Though little money is made here through free viewing, we find other ways to fund these massive adventures. I still love printed books, so I will continue to offer them. Now that doesn’t get them into your local store, but it still offers them to the public.

What is scary, is the monopoly of one distributor controlling what goes into what stores. I would hope another company would step up and help out, but in truth we cannot rely on that and in the meantime life will go on. Independents and small press are going to have fine other ways to get our books out there.

Why the rant? well it is more of a concern for me. I want my tale to succeed and I want so many others to also. To survive we will need to have find another way to get our tales into other peoples hands. The internet and print go hand in hand.  They need each other.

My commitment still stands, I will never charge for my tale online, your support shows me I don’t have to as my books move slowly through the store and quickly at the shows. I will figure out a way to keep this tale alive and in the process help others figure out their dreams as well. There is no reason to squash or shove one another out the way as we push to tell our tales. In fact as we help each other we can make it in an industry where independent/small press is being shoved out. So lets shove back.

I encourage to support those webcomics you love. If they have a book out, buy it. That helps them continue to tell the stories you love. They need that support more than ever now and you as the fan can make that happen.

Thanks for letting me vent and keep creating