The Bean 347
The Bean 347
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Thought I would take a moment and share the whole illustration process. This piece just came from a blank piece of paper. Most of my images do. It was shot with over 5900 stills, which were meshed together at high-speed. It’s just a quick glimpse into my madness…. feel free to share and keep creating.




poeso » 16 Jan 2012 » Reply

Beyond amazing. Such a treat to watch you work.

Aaron » 16 Jan 2012 » Reply

ah! i tried to watch the movie but it says it was removed? i don't know if it was on purpose but i would love to see it!

    trav » 16 Jan 2012 » Reply

    try again- i had to rework something:) sorry

sfbell09 » 16 Jan 2012 » Reply

Terrific! I always enjoy a peek into an artist's process. Thank you Travis.

    trav » 18 Jan 2012 » Reply

    your welcome i am glad you liked it

Leszek Cyfer » 16 Jan 2012 » Reply

Amazing movie. Imagination and hundreds hours of drawing made this possible. How close to the mind picture did you get this time?

    trav » 18 Jan 2012 » Reply

    actually when i created this i decided to approach it with and empty mind and see where my picture took me.

    total time for this drawing ended up at an hour and twenty min

      Leszek Cyfer » 18 Jan 2012 » Reply

      Yes I know that this picture took you over an hour, but to get to the point when you can "just draw" something like that you had to spend hundreds or rather thousands of hours on drawing. Admiration. It has to bring you a lot of joy, otherwise you wouldn't bother.

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