The Bean 348
The Bean 348
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Hi all- working hard at finishing off vol 2. It’s looking really good infact I am adding some new art to it right now. Also I am pushing through vol 4. I am halfway done (that’s about 2 chapters/books of artwork).

There is a lot going on and I will also be posting my new schedule for cons and shows soon.

Also just curious…

What do you like about the bean so far….


keep creating-



outwardlytactless » 23 Apr 2013 » Reply

I love going underground and and seeing those crawly little octonemone things; they make me smile every time, and i hope that at some point you'll go into this weird biology you have in this neat world you've built 🙂 thanks!

    Trav the bean » 3 May 2013 » Reply

    One day i will – one day- I like them as well – they help keep the world alive for me-

Nonesuch » 21 Jan 2012 » Reply

One of my favorite things, especially compared to so many other webcomics, is that your story doesn't exist in a vacuum. It's like when I was in art class as a child, and the teacher was trying to get everyone to draw a background for their picture; she told us not to make "stickers," but to give them context and someplace to live.

Your characters and story not only live in the world, the world lives around them.


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