The Bean 353
The Bean 353
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Well the book went to press today. It was exciting and now I am driving to work through vol 3. I am into the third chapter of vol 3 with knocking off 3 pages this week. What is frustrating is there is a lot going on so I am doing a one man juggling act. Yet this is the road I choose to go down and I knew this going in.

It’s nice to finally be getting into the deep parts of the story.




Mercy » 8 Feb 2012 » Reply

A fast learner, indeed. The narrator is a master of understatement.

sfbell09 » 7 Feb 2012 » Reply

When fauna attacks! Run and jump in the nearest body of water. T'aint pretty but it works. I imagine Siv is quite resourceful all around like a boy scout.

    trav » 7 Feb 2012 » Reply

    hate it when that happens. Especially big fauna:)

    I think is quite resourceful- he's lived a long time.

Scott » 7 Feb 2012 » Reply

Explains his guerrilla warfare style tactics.

    trav » 7 Feb 2012 » Reply

    you got to do what you can to survive:)

Grey Matter » 6 Feb 2012 » Reply

The more I read about Siv, the more he becomes my favorite character! 😀

(so far, I mean….)

    Celtic Traveler » 6 Feb 2012 » Reply

    Siv was already my fave cahracter, so this is all a lovely treat.
    (…"He was a fast learner," heh heh 🙂

      trav » 6 Feb 2012 » Reply

      🙂 there is more to come- i promise

    trav » 6 Feb 2012 » Reply

    and there will be a lot more to tell. There is soooo much to his story. So by the time that we are done with this tale- you will fully understand why he chose to return to the inn.

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