The Bean 354
The Bean 354
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I hope you take a moment and look at some of the other recent posts. I have been trying to add more to the blog. Also I should be getting the proofs to vol 2 today.

keep creating


Celidah » 9 Feb 2012 » Reply


    trav » 10 Feb 2012 » Reply

    if you need a shoulder you can put your head on mine for a moment. I know how you feel.

Celtic Traveler » 9 Feb 2012 » Reply

Oh, I cringed when I saw Siv's body right there…I'm still mourning the loss of a great character…

    Grey Matter » 9 Feb 2012 » Reply

    Me too….. But Trav has assured us that Siv is not completely out of the story. I'm going to hold him to that. 🙂

      trav » 10 Feb 2012 » Reply

      One thing that makes a character strong (alive or dead) is not what they are at the moment, but what others remember of them and the stories they continue to tell about them. It encases their immortality.

      I look at siv very much the same way. He has an incredible story to be told. I just wont tell like bean's and ravna's story. Even gort and groggle have a story about them

    trav » 10 Feb 2012 » Reply

    i am sorry- things happen and i needed it to be realistic to a degree. Yet the forest walker will live on and become almost legend… among the children of the broken moon

      Celidah » 10 Feb 2012 » Reply

      No, Trav, don't apologize. Firstly, it's pretty bold to let one of your main characters be killed–there are an awful lot of storytellers who can't bring themselves to do it, even if it would serve the story well.

      Secondly, I can already see that Siv's death isn't off in the other pitfall that sometimes pops up in stories, where suddenly one of the characters die senselessly, and the reader's all, "Wait, what? Why???" It's already a major plot point here.

      Thirdly, the fact that we're all so torn up about Siv's death just goes to show that you've done well in writing his character–we actually CARE about him, and care a lot!

      And finally, it is reassuring to know that Siv's part in the tale isn't done yet! ^.^

        trav » 20 Feb 2012 » Reply

        i wont apologize than:)

        you are right though – things happen for reasons and i believe it is there to build a stronger story

      Celtic Traveler » 13 Feb 2012 » Reply

      Of course I know that it *must* happen (being a writer myself, I completely understand when and why certain characters must die.)

Grey Matter » 9 Feb 2012 » Reply

I wake up each Thursday with the promise of a new Bean. Today, that enthusiasm was cut short by the final proof that Siv will not be coming back. At least in a physical form. I like lithicbee's idea! Use the Force, Bean! Just don't say you have the high ground….

    trav » 9 Feb 2012 » Reply

    you know his story is not done:) just letting you know:)

      Grey Matter » 9 Feb 2012 » Reply

      I know! I just couldn't hold back the tide of grief that arose when I saw his body.

      *cry, sob, despair*

        trav » 10 Feb 2012 » Reply

        I felt the same way when I created this scene- it was hard for me, yet it strengthened the story in many ways for me. In some ways I did not expect either, which is good.

        The true vision of it really comes out – not by reading update to update, but from beginning to end. (Hence the need for the books).

        I am sorry for siv and ravna's loss as well.

susan » 9 Feb 2012 » Reply

All this time I had been hoping that maybe he wasn't really gone, but this seems to cinch it. Farewell Siv. You will be missed.

    lithicbee » 9 Feb 2012 » Reply

    We may see him again as a forest guardian, at least. Use the Force, Bean?

    Travis, maybe I haven't had enough coffee yet this morning to see it: how does one get to your blog?

      Trav the bean » 9 Feb 2012 » Reply

      just go to the bean leaf press homepage…. you can click the header at the top- comic is at the top and just scroll down

        lithicbee » 9 Feb 2012 » Reply

        Thanks. Okay, I also get the blog posts via Facebook I think. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't something I was missing.

        I know it is one more thing, but any chance of The Bean on Google+ so it can be shared more easily there? I know there is an extension for Google Chrome that allows you to simultaneously post to FB and G+, if that makes it easier.

          trav » 9 Feb 2012 »

          nope i try to keep it all in one place

          as for the double posting , i will have to check that out sounds pretty cool- i am not usually on google +

    trav » 9 Feb 2012 » Reply

    yet his story will go on….there is still much to tell

Bob » 9 Feb 2012 » Reply

"gaurdian" should be guardian, no? Panel 2, two occurences; panel 3, one occurence.

    trav » 9 Feb 2012 » Reply

    sigh…. another fix before press time:) well at least i can do these in may

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