The Bean 31
The Bean 31
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tannerjones Good morning –

Yesterday we launched our survey’s for everyone who backed my story Tanner Jones and the Quest for the Monkey Stone. I am really excited about this part of the project. It means that I will be able to launch book 4 of bean soon… very soon. (jan)

Also if you missed the kickstarter for the Monkey Stone. You can pre-order it special for 3 weeks. These books and goodies will ship on the tail end of the original backers.

You can go here  to preorder the book.

Also there are special deals on commissions there. A few savings. Remember this deal is only good for about 3 weeks.

Thanks again for your support and helping me produce and create these fantastic projects.

Keep creating




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Ruthie » 13 Jul 2015 » Reply

I don't know why, but ever since you started coloring in these pages, I can hear the character's voices more clearly in my head when they are speaking. I always give each character their own unique voice when I read books out loud to my family, but now with The Bean in color it is a lot easier. Is that just me?

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