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I am heading home from one of the most incredible shows on the west coast. I had a blast and let me tell you the adventure was worth it. I would hope if you are ever up in seattle you need to check out the show, which happens in march.

I’ll do a full write up later, but i wanted to say this is how a show should be run.

The kickstarter panel was a blast. Jason Brubaker of remind did a great job and I am looking forward to do a few more panels with him in the future. It was standing room only, and they only let half the line in. There was no room in the room. I would think they would need to give us a bigger room next time if we were to do that.

well here’s to a safe flight back.

keep creating



SteveZ » 16 Nov 2012 » Reply

I love that you waited until now to reveal how short the dragon guy is (Thaddeus?). He's so confident and imposing that I assumed he was just as tall as any other man of this universe. The first panal made me chuckle a little in that regard.

Guest » 11 Nov 2012 » Reply

I like the story, but the word "dwadle' should be 'dawdle'.

Scott » 9 Apr 2012 » Reply

"dwadle" should be "dawdle" 🙂

Tsuna » 5 Apr 2012 » Reply

Trav! Your website is MAD awesome! Thank you for the Link sketch on Friday. After the show I came to your website and was blown away by your stuff! It's so creative!
I thought your work was so awesome, that I had to come back and get a print from you on Saturday (which I did). Hopefully I get to see you next Emerald City Comic-Con man! Thanks again!

    Trav the bean » 5 Apr 2012 » Reply

    thank you for having us up there- we had a blast and thanks for the support I sure appreciate it. It helps keep this project funded. We are already signed up for next year, so I should see you there:)

Nemai » 4 Apr 2012 » Reply

Whoop! Whoop! Still loving this comic, Trav! In particular Thaddeus' height. *snrk* And good to hear you've been having such a great time with things. 🙂

As a side note, in panel 3, not sure if you were wanting that w where it is now, but I think it should be saying 'dawdle' rather than 'dwadle'…

    trav » 5 Apr 2012 » Reply

    glad to hear that- and yes he is a "tall" fellow.

    Life is good 🙂 i'll look into the panel remark as well, you might be right

Joshua Sloan » 2 Apr 2012 » Reply

It was great meeting you Saturday! Hope you didn't mind me bringing more and more people to you for free sketches throughout the day. =P I got my books today, and have been reading them to refresh myself on the early parts of the story. The books look fantastic, and I think it's really cool that all of us Kickstarter donators got our names in the back. I'm excited for the book 3 Kickstarter.

Next time you come to the Seattle area, I need to remember to bring more cash for some of your incredible prints. Really great art.

    Trav the bean » 2 Apr 2012 » Reply

    the feeling is mutual. I really enjoyed meeting all your friends as well and had a blast quick sketching for them. Also glad to hear you got the books today. I would love a review on the store of the books if you would be willing.

    As for book 3 kickstarter we are looking at june i believe. 🙂 I'll keep in touch ….

    oh you do know you can always buy prints at the store and i will ship them. I also sign them all.


lithicbee » 2 Apr 2012 » Reply

Congrats on the successful panel! Were they recording it by any chance; that would be nice to put up for all the people who couldn't make it.

    Trav the bean » 2 Apr 2012 » Reply

    Thank you my friend, i heard they filmed it, I don't know if they are going to share it though?

Grey Matter » 2 Apr 2012 » Reply

Glad everything went so well for you! Safe trip home!

sfbell09 » 2 Apr 2012 » Reply

sounds like you had an amazing time. I wish I ciould have been there, seattle is one of my favorite cities.

    Trav the bean » 2 Apr 2012 » Reply

    it was a fantastic time- i've only been to seattle twice. Loved it. And i am looking forward to heading back there.

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