The Bean 370
The Bean 370
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It’s nice to get the drive back. I have felt that it has been a rough couple of months, yet eccc has really put me back on track. It feels nice. Refocused on Bean and almost all the books have been sent out for the kickstarter project. If you are interested i wrote a huge article on how to have a successful kickstarter project. You can find the read here.

This week I am also working on several commissions and hooking up my con schedule for may and june. I have about 6 weeks off and I am looking forward to the rest, so is my family.

Bean updates are going strong- I just scanned another 20 pages. I like being ahead, though I still have a lot of cleanup to do. Time moves quickly and it is easy to fall behind. Well back to work my friends- feel free to comment.

Oh and if you have the books, please leave a review at the store and a “like” we could use the love.

thanks again