The Bean 372
The Bean 372
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(if the comic looks small, refresh your screen please)

It’s really late- in fact in about 10 minutes this is going up anyways.There is a lot of cool stuff I am working on right now. I am very pleased with the current bean pages as well as this new project I am involved in.

You might notice typos and spelling errors. Sorry about those. The typos will be fixed when we put all the pages together for the print version of the book.

Keep creating- Keep spreading the love-


Anon » 16 Apr 2012 » Reply

"its" history. Another change to make.

Vic Briseno » 12 Apr 2012 » Reply

I see awesome history coming up soon! Sweet! I love learning more about your awesome world.

sfbell09 » 12 Apr 2012 » Reply

How awesome is that library! So many books, did that take a long time? All of your work is so detailed, love it!

Ben » 12 Apr 2012 » Reply

Ah, anarchy. There's no problem of state that can't be solved by a young guy with a sword. 🙂

    Ben » 12 Apr 2012 » Reply

    Nice expressions on Thaddeus, by the way.

Odo » 12 Apr 2012 » Reply

umm… Travis? Why is the art so small and hard to read? Is there a glitch?

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