The Bean 373
The Bean 373
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been a wild weekend- had a tooth pulled on friday. Still feeling the pain- so today is a short comment –

Found a very awesome Review of the Bean as well on CBR by Greg Burgas.

Check it out:) it’s for the printed books.

keep creating.



Elihion » 16 Apr 2012 » Reply

Nice to see word getting around about Bean. 🙂


BenLuke-116 » 16 Apr 2012 » Reply

Who needs magic swords? You could just defeat evil by dropping one of those books on it!

lithicbee » 16 Apr 2012 » Reply

So is the secret project a real-world release of the History of Ganadon?

Feel better!

sfbell09 » 16 Apr 2012 » Reply

its good to have a library on your side!

    Grey Matter » 16 Apr 2012 » Reply

    "Uh…. A little help please"

    Everyone needs a library on their side! 🙂

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