The Bean 374
The Bean 374
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still nursing a sore jaw – hopefully i will be back to normal soon.



Eric » 23 Apr 2012 » Reply

grammar error: First bubble, ‘than’ should be ‘then’
Than: comparison
Then: time

trav » 19 Apr 2012 » Reply

i appreciate all the comments- and the help-

Kuro » 19 Apr 2012 » Reply

Love the comic. A couple comments.

First panel: than should be then
Second Panel: period or semicolon after prince.

Like the lizard character, interested to learn more.

Scott » 19 Apr 2012 » Reply

With love and respect for this great work of art … How I would have written it:

"After you learn about the great elf, Ganadon, then we can figure out your next move. You have all afternoon and then some … before I retrieve you for dinner. This is important, young prince. A great many lives depend on you understanding your destiny."

"You can't just leave me here!"

"Oh, I can. And I will. Especially if you want to survive this ordeal. Now, your time is running short. Study well."


idj » 19 Apr 2012 » Reply

One quick fix – in panel one the word 'than' after 'Ganadon' should be 'then'. Just sayin'… 🙂

smkinoshita » 19 Apr 2012 » Reply

He returns at dinnertime…


lithicbee » 19 Apr 2012 » Reply

"There will be a pop quiz in… 59 minutes!" I guess Thaddeus (Thaddeous?) is assuming Bean can read.

sfbell09 » 19 Apr 2012 » Reply

now that's motivation for doing homework.

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