The Bean 375
The Bean 375
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lots going on-

keep creating



SotiCoto » 6 Sep 2013 » Reply

Does anyone really scowl that severely to themselves when nobody else is around? Ever? About anything?

fiaratinap » 18 Aug 2012 » Reply


kidzcomic » 24 Apr 2012 » Reply

I've been lurking the site for weeks slowly catching up on the story, but my mom accidentally imbued in me an absolute dread for cleaning dishes. It really hit home with me how much Bean does not want to read if he'd rather be cleaning dishes!

Seros Senric » 23 Apr 2012 » Reply

I'd much prefer to be reading. I have felt this way ever since I first learned how to read.
Also, books are awesome and capable of altering reality at will.

Ben » 23 Apr 2012 » Reply

"But I want to hit things with my sword!"

Grey Matter » 23 Apr 2012 » Reply

I love his face in the third panel! Jut like a kid. "Read?! Why would I do that?" 🙂

At least he doesn't know what a video game is…..

lithicbee » 23 Apr 2012 » Reply

It's good to see Bean can still act like a kid.

Leszek Cyfer » 23 Apr 2012 » Reply

Confronted with the unknown people tend to wish to do something well known.

Bean definitely knows well how to wash dishes 😛

sfbell09 » 23 Apr 2012 » Reply

No Bean, no! Reading is fun, reading is is fundamental. Plus you could learn something.

    Jdorr » 15 Jan 2019 » Reply

    Honestly if there is something that is more boring then Having to read somthing I don't know what it is, and I like reading otherwise

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