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Ok – I am trying to get back into my groove- It’s amazing how much one’s health can slow things down. I had oral surgery a few weeks ago and have been having problems ever since. It’s been rough and has really destroyed my work ethic. last night was the worst. I went back today and they found a few more things that had been missed (shoddy work by another dentist- he left cement in my mouth and it had inflamed my gums which sent some intense pain into my already sore jaw and temple). Well I am doing better. I am not as tender as I was this morning, which is good. Now to start making up all the work I have been neglecting these last few weeks. I honestly dont wish this on anyone.  Anyways – This should not effect the bean much- I hope –

The goal though is to keep creating and to keep pushing forward.



Karyl » 4 May 2012 » Reply

Trav, I hope you are doing a just warm salt water rinse at night before bed, that should help to bring down the swelling and ease the inflammation too. If you continue to have trouble, myrrh oil can be painted onto the site with a cotton swab. It tastes bitter, and I usually cut it with a dipping into cooking oil first but it really can stop gum issues. In any case, best of luck!

eO_Jande » 3 May 2012 » Reply

Oh, what an awesome turn of events! So looking forward to these updates and savouring every one of them! Even though I have all the books, I don't want read ahead of the web updates.

Trav, so sorry to hear about your health agonies. It sounds as though you're on the mend now though and that can only be a good thing -for you and for all of us.

In case you didn't see my tweet to you or werein too much pain at the time to respond. I received the replacement of the print "Hope" (the original was damaged by the UPS), and it arrived safely and is *gorgeous*! Once the allergy season is over I'll get it properly framed. Thank you and Mrs. Trav very much for taking care of me, <3

lithicbee » 3 May 2012 » Reply

Sorry to hear you've been going through a rough time, Trav. Dental pain = no fun. I hope you're on the mend for good now.

    trav » 3 May 2012 » Reply

    i dont know- it's just been a very long few weeks. Still hurt a bit but today is much better than yesterday

Leszek Cyfer » 3 May 2012 » Reply

It seems that sword related quests grow on the trees here. Or rather in the caves 🙂

    trav » 3 May 2012 » Reply

    there's only two of them…

sfbell09 » 3 May 2012 » Reply

All caps eh? Someone isn't using her indoor voice.

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