The Bean 383
The Bean 383
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This is a big week for us. There is so much going on these next few weeks- yet it is not doom and gloom:) It’s just busy.  If you read the blog, you’ll see my phoenix comic update. It’s gonna be a wonderful and yet very exciting and busy weekend. I really love the phoenix show.

Also I have new prints at the store- Several new ones. In fact I will post them –

I added two new bear prints and ww1 creature print. Come check it out.

Well if you are out in phoenix come stop by, get a free sketch and hang out with us.






Zachary » 22 May 2012 » Reply

Trav I love where this story is going!! Keep it up! I wish I lived in Pheonix! I'd love to come hang out with you guys and get a drawing! Keep creating!

    Trav the bean » 30 May 2012 » Reply

    would love to see- and maybe we can get out to a show near you and then you can come out and hang with us

      Zachary » 31 May 2012 » Reply

      I would love that! My fiancee and I went to wondercon in San Fran and met you once..but now I moved across the country to TN…So keep us informed if you ever head out here!!

eO_Jande » 21 May 2012 » Reply

Trav, I'm in love with the last panel. Your willingness to take the time to ink in all that beautiful detail pays off wonderfully. I do know that having a buffer helps one to relax and do what needs to be done, but your commitment to making beautiful art for your beautiful story is what shines through in such beautiful details. Just lovely, thank you! <3

    Trav the bean » 30 May 2012 » Reply

    thank you- those details are important to me and as you read on i hope you find the story hidden inside

Grey Matter » 21 May 2012 » Reply

Naked mentor is…naked… 🙂

And the best rulers are the ones who don't want to be ruler. They understand the people and the problems of a nation in ways the power-hungry never could.

    Trav the bean » 30 May 2012 » Reply

    i guess it doesn't matter though if your a lizard,

    as for the best leaders- i have always thought the best leader was the leader that actually served his people

      Grey Matter » 31 May 2012 » Reply

      I think the best leaders are those who don't want to be leaders because they aren't after power. Once they take the throne, they serve their people because they don't want to conquer other lands, start wars, or grab power they can't handle. They want to live in peace, and they make sure their people live in peace, as well. Bean may not want to be the ruler, but because of his upbringing, his honesty, and his desire for peace, he would make a great ruler.

        Trav the bean » 31 May 2012 » Reply

        I agree with that- yet I think there is also some bit of training- and as we have seen bean has really been in the background – just being pulled along. What kind of leader would he be if he continued down that path without any direction.

          Grey Matter » 2 Jun 2012 »

          He couldn't be a leader if he only let himself be pulled along other's paths. However, I feel that Bean is going to have to make some very serious and difficult choices in the very near future. Choices that, I am sure, he will not want to make. What is that saying… Pressure makes diamonds.

          Do they even have diamonds in your world? 😉

          Trav the bean » 5 Jun 2012 »

          i feel that you are right- we forget as well bean is about 12 or so- he is still very unsure about his place in the world

benluke116 » 21 May 2012 » Reply

The art in panel 4 looks. . . off, for some reason.

Still, the panels with little-bragon-man smugly sipping his coffee/tea are hilarious . 🙂

sfbell09 » 21 May 2012 » Reply

I like the close up panels of Thadeus. Especially #3 where he is sipping his drink.

Leszek Cyfer » 21 May 2012 » Reply

I don't think the Bean needs to become a king. The main theme is curing the swords and bringing back peace to the land.

Also I think it's inconsiderate of the dragon not to bring refreshment for Bean as well. 😛

    Trav the bean » 30 May 2012 » Reply

    🙂 is the main theme curing the sword?

    Yeah thaddeus can be a little inconsiderate at times, but in his defense he is not used to having guest

Dormin » 21 May 2012 » Reply

I like that becoming the chosen one means something more difficult than getting a magic sword.
Arthur Pendragon, for example, after getting the sword from the stone, must endure a year qualifying period after which the nobles must vote if they accept his right to the throne or not. And he spends the entire time learning politics ,both from the books and watching the nobility themselves, offering them gifts (money, food, horses, promises of future favors) until he gets the approval of most of them as their new king.

    Trav the bean » 30 May 2012 » Reply

    I agree- a sword does not just make one a king. It will be interesting to see what bean is going to have to figure out for the future

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