The Bean 385
The Bean 385
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Well phoenix comic con is done and I am home- Full show write up coming in a few moments.




Random Guy » 30 Jul 2012 » Reply

Harrumph! Politics!

Celidah » 29 May 2012 » Reply


Celidah » 28 May 2012 » Reply

Well, now we're starting to see what Mama meant by Thaddeus having his own designs, I suppose…looks like Bean's going to have to decide who to believe pretty soon.

    trav » 29 May 2012 » Reply

    yet what if thaddeus was right? he brings up some strong points about the guardian…. Bean I think has a lot to think about right now.

Grey Matter » 28 May 2012 » Reply

Between the teeth in the first half of the last panel and the Guardian's profile, I think the history might need a little adjusting. That will only annoy Thadeus, I suppose.

Also, I need a target-language text so I can start translating the history source-text in these last few pages. (Yes, I realize the text is probably just a bunch of random squiggles, but I still need to.)

    trav » 29 May 2012 » Reply

    one day we'll translate it:)

sfbell09 » 28 May 2012 » Reply

That is one HOT cup o' tea (or whatever tiny dragon/lizard/reptilian folk might drink.) Also, a good shot of ambiguity here. Does Bean trust Thadeus or the Guardian? Can't wait to find out!

    trav » 29 May 2012 » Reply

    I think the dragon can handle it.

    As for trusting people- i think bean has a lot of internal thinking to do.

lithicbee » 28 May 2012 » Reply

Hmmm, I am not sure who to believe now. Everyone is going to have their firm convictions of what Bean is supposed to do. Hopefully Bean will figure out his own best path.

I like the Guardian in the last panel, to go along with their discussion.

On a separate note, I saw the Phoenix Comic-Con pictures people have been posting on FB. It looked like a whole lot of fun and you are working hard in all the pics! Size-wise, how is Phoenix compared to, say, how big Wonder-Con in Anaheim was this year?

    trav » 29 May 2012 » Reply

    Yet isnt that how life truly is? With everything we do we meet people that all seem to have their own agendas. All have some truth – yet in the end who does one really trust? something bean will have to find out on his own.

    ahhh I hope you find more in those bottom panels

    Phoenix is one of the best cons on the west cons- much better than any con in the la/anaheim area and better than sdcc in the scope of enjoyability – I wrote a whole review on that on the main page


      lithicbee » 29 May 2012 » Reply

      I saw and appreciated your frank write-up on the con. Sounded like a blast. One day my family will be more mobile and I can drag everyone to various cons. My wife's vote is for ECCC because she would rather visit Seattle than Phoenix, but we'll see.

        trav » 29 May 2012 » Reply

        phoenix is just as awesome as seattle and both are at different times of the year

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