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Trav’s Tidbits & Other Notes:

There is something to be said about a good comicon. If the show is good, it can do re-jump start an artist in a very positive way. Phoenix Comicon was that show. It was a show I needed this year and one that has put an extra boost in my step. Especially with how my year started. I have not been this pumped about my art and stories in a long time. Which is an incredibly good thing.

In fact I have some new energy and a new drive to put things on the right track and looking forward to accomplishing even more. I want to thank all those people that have supported me over the years and continue to do so. Thank you- as I read back through the last few posts and comic updates, I was touched by the support, even from those that lurk. You do not know how much this means to me or how much I need to hear it every now and then. Thank You.

I also came to a realization that the game is always changing. As an artist or creator, one needs to continually evolve. That’s a hard thing to do. Constantly figuring out how to improve and get ahead in the game. The phrase “Don’t tell me how bad you want it, show me.” has more meaning than ever before. That is a good thing.

The other thing I found out, is that my family backs me up and supports me. I am pretty humbled by that, as I watch my wife and children work very hard to keep our life afloat. If there is one thing that I could not stress more is to have a spouse that supports you and encourages you to keep going forward. A lot of great talent gets lost because there is no support network inside of the home, so they stop believing in their own talent and just wander through life living a bunch of “what if I had…”.

Phoenix also taught me the importance of getting guidance from the right sources. Young artist need to learn who to listen to. Listen to those that are already successful in the business. Follow their model. Don’t copy their style, copy their work ethic.  Learn from their devotion and their passion. Plus, when they give you advice, put yourself in the right frame of mind so you will actually listen and not counter with opinion.  Keep this mind as well, not all advice is good, remember that, but those that have been on the road longer than you are well worth listening to, than those that have just started.

Feeling rejuvenated is a fantastic feeling. One that is needed by all people, regardless of the field that you are in. Life is meant to be happy and though sad things happen, we still choose at the end of the day what our emotions we will be.

I find that the more my outlook is positive, the better my art gets. The more the ideas flow and the stronger the drive becomes.

ALSO – NEW SHOP TALK UP TODAY- CLICK TO READ. Subject – the power of webcomics.

So keep creating my friends, but most importantly – look for ways to just be happy. There is truth in the saying, “Count your many blessings”. It actually might surprise you.



Ruthie » 7 Dec 2012 » Reply

I LOVE all the possible plot explanations the bottom panels in these last several pages have been telling! This symbol here looks like the tip of a quill pen to me, reminding me of how “the pen is mightier than the sword”, which fits well with a few pages back when we see that same symbol incorporated or superimposed on Ganadon’s sword design. This makes me wonder how exactly Ganadon put a part of himself into the sword. My imagination is running wild now, thanks to your cleverly ambiguous plot exposition here. Well done!

    Trav the bean » 7 Feb 2013 » Reply

    well it's all part of the weave. Elves have the ability to actually put a part of themselves into objects. The cost though to their sanity is really high. The weave, the magic of this world, takes a huge mental toll on those that use it.

Dr_Sterben » 1 Jun 2012 » Reply

There is a saying in a Tabletop RPG known as shadow run, "Never Deal with a dragon." The same is true here as well, even ones that drink something that looks like coffee.

bscruffy » 31 May 2012 » Reply

Go for it Thad! And if fate hands you a magic sword and a (hopefully) maleable young prince, then its time to get a cup of tea and start training.
So glad the Bean has fresh fire and family support! The art and storyline has always been inspirational, even the pedantic little dragons with dreams of grandure.

    Trav the bean » 1 Jun 2012 » Reply

    When opportunity falls in one's lap than you should take advantage of it- well that's what thaddeus would say

@Rafnasil » 31 May 2012 » Reply

I think that Thad the little Dragon is very Machiavellian. The how's and why's are not as important as success. If you must get posessed by a demonic/living sword and loose yourself to reach a certain goal, why not?
Hard choices in the future I see

    Trav the bean » 31 May 2012 » Reply

    you know that is a very big word:) Yes hard choices are to come, but in the end it will be one little boy that will have to make the final choice on what he has to do and live with the consequences of that choice

Grey Matter » 31 May 2012 » Reply

"Right or wrong is not what is important"? Really? Just remember, Thad, Bean can step on you easily. Yeesh…..

I agree with you, garvin. Something's not right.

    Trav the bean » 31 May 2012 » Reply

    i guess it depends on the agenda of the person making the statement:)

lithicbee » 31 May 2012 » Reply

"Use your time wisely." This is the point at which I would wait for Thaddeus to leave the room and then pull out my Gameboy.

    Trav the bean » 31 May 2012 » Reply

    lol- typical 12 year old action- good thing bean does not have a game boy

susan » 31 May 2012 » Reply

So glad you get the support you need because I really really really look forward to this comic. Also, you've got to continue to tell the tale so I can get a complete set of books!

    Trav the bean » 31 May 2012 » Reply

    I too am glad to get the support- and yes my dear i too want you to have a full set of books when this is done:)

garvin » 31 May 2012 » Reply

Something smells off here.

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