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The Bean 411
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Just 4 days left and $1000 shy of our stretch goal of $15000.  Thanks so much for your support of the art.

Also hope you are enjoying the story so far, especially about the dragon:)

keep creating



Lurker » 12 Jul 2013 » Reply

Typo: exsist -> exist

Ben » 27 Aug 2012 » Reply

He's having trouble ridding himself of her but their communication has been lost? I'm confused.

    trav » 27 Aug 2012 » Reply

    i guess that mama fairy and thaddeus have an ability to talk to one another… he dislikes her to a degree (this is evident in an earlier part of the story as he is healing bean. I will encourage you to go back a little ways 🙂 ) I guess for the web it could have been a little clearer

Roy » 27 Aug 2012 » Reply

I'm having trouble parsing the last bubble in panel 1. Is it me?

    trav » 27 Aug 2012 » Reply

    yeah i see it- i will fix it later – should read "there are a few though, that know i still exist." my mistake … bad trav- bad trav

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