The Bean 412
The Bean 412
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the Bean vol 3: Broken Souls is now funded! Thank you so much to all those that shared, pushed and backed this project. I am humbled, honored and excited that people enjoy my work enough to fund it. (one day we will do color).  I could have never done this without you! thank you.

To note Bean will go to press at the end of oct beginning of nov. All of the extras will hit the press around the same time. I want to start shipping everything by mid/late nov. That is the goal. I will still post tons of updates on the card art, maps and extras. This is the goal.

…. so on to the numbers

379 people backed the book raising a total of $16,459. This goes into all the printing, shipping and extras. We hit two stretch goals- which will add 8 pages of new story as well as bookmarks to everyone.

6 of those 379 backers will have cameos in book 4 next year. (we will talk later on that:)).

379 people will have their name in the book.

Thank you again for helping fund the arts. Kickstarter is a fantastic way to do that.

keep creating