The Bean 415
The Bean 415
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This is a pic of my friend Troy and myself (I am standing). It has been 25 years since Troy and I have seen each other face to face. When I moved from LA we lost contact, until a year or so ago when we found each other on facebook. We’ve changed a bit from the rowdy 14 year olds we used to be.

It took an accident to create a reunion. Troy was literally crushed by a car while on his motorcycle. He lost his leg at the scene, crushed his arm, broke his hand and broke his leg. He has been in and out of surgery and has several more to go as the deal with the amputated leg. He’s in pain, but one thing I noticed as we chatted together how strong his spirit was and how up his attitude is.

His accident has reminded me how fragile life is. His spirit teaches and reinforces my believe that a positive attitude can help in healing. I was humbled by his spirit and his drive. I pray his recovery his quick. I know that there will be many more trials that he has to go through. I have faith that if he keeps his attitude strong than he will be ok.

I regret a little that it took an accident to reunite our friendship. I hope that I could only a small percentage of his courage, his positive attitude and his strength when I deal with my trials. My trials right now are nothing compared to his.

Glad we got to reconnect and hang out a bit.

keep creating