Can you believe we are about to break the 390 mark. I am a little blown away by that. The scary thing is we have a long ways to go and I am just at the tip of the ice-berg. Well last night we got in at about 12:30. I am a little tired. Some […]

So many cool things happening right now. I wish I honestly had a little more time to get even more done. The biggest news is blog post Bean vol 3: Broken Souls & kickstarter preview… This is exactly what it means. The 3rd book of bean has a name and will start it’s kickstarter run […]

Well – here’s today’s update. I am really sorry about the spelling issues in the last few pages. I will try and make sure it is better. The good news is that before it goes to press, it goes through a lot edit passes. I really feel bad about the last few days, and there […]

A little more to the puzzle has been answered. Working hard on finishing the book- Also getting ready for comikaze next weekend. I will post the information on monday. trav

This is a pic of my friend Troy and myself (I am standing). It has been 25 years since Troy and I have seen each other face to face. When I moved from LA we lost contact, until a year or so ago when we found each other on facebook. We’ve changed a bit from […]

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