The Bean 421
The Bean 421
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I hope everyone is enjoying the story so far. So I have question for you first of all before we get into the nitty-gritty. Who’s your favorite character of the story so far and why…

I like to ask this every now and then.

Ok on to comic updates and book progress. Book 3 has gone back to the editor for the 4th and final time. This is good. I do this about 4 or 5 times to catch, change and adapt everything for print. I know I have dyslexia, and it makes writing at times hard, but it does not stop me. My editors work really hard at making sure things are correct and I am very grateful for that. We also go back and look at all the comments of each page. You guys help us out a lot and help me ensure we put out a great book.

The book goes to press in 2 weeks. It is very exciting.

Ok so what of the print below? This is a special print for some of the higher kickstarter reward levels. I wanted to make sure that they get some unique and good artwork.

well back to the drawing board- and keep creating-



Mercy » 4 Oct 2012 » Reply

I love'em all, but especially Theron and Mama Faerie.

OpusIX » 3 Oct 2012 » Reply

That is a statue of Siv, or mabe his father.

Ben » 2 Oct 2012 » Reply

I dunno, Thaddeus has such great expressions, and I can't help but be intrigued by his past. What happened to make him so cynical? What is his true agenda? Does it have to do with the scarcity of dragons, his ghostly friend, or both?

I'll have to go with Thaddeus for being so compelling.

Raevyn » 1 Oct 2012 » Reply

I forget who said it but we like people for their qualities but love them for their faults. All of your characters seem to have them and that makes them all human. It is hard to pick one over the other. Bean has a lot of growth ahead of him, and he will grow into a strong character(or so it seems he will).

SIv, for many of the reasons stated above. His death reminds me of Boromir. There was a sad nobility to his actions. He was a noble character who I believe had some failing in the past and felt himself or the situation that led to his I assume self exile beyond redemption. THose are the characters I think we can all identify with. They are human.

lehcyfer » 1 Oct 2012 » Reply

Siv was the best so far, I hope Bean will grow as a character and have as much focus as him. I wonder if focus and innocence can be united in a single character…

And the world is amazing That's what made me fall in love with the story. I always was intrigued by things hidden and your way of drawing is irresistible for me.

    Trav the bean » 1 Oct 2012 » Reply

    I think it will take bean time to grow- You make a great point about uniting focus & innocence and that is actually one of my goals.

    There is much more for the world as well:) Epics are both a curse and blessing – they take time to create and both there are places i still want to show and get to.

Gerolf » 1 Oct 2012 » Reply

This print looks amazing!

eO_Jande » 1 Oct 2012 » Reply

The Bean and Otter art is breathtaking! I thought so when it was in Black and White. And now it is more so!

And do those dragons in today's image only look small because of the distance from which we are viewing them?

Each and every one of the characters in your story are fascinating individuals, memorable and sympathetic. I often even feel sorry for the bad guys their lives seems so brutal and harsh.

Bean is at the moment being a pawn in circumstance; blown about by the Winds of Fate. But I see the day when his innocence and naivety will drop away and the future Bean will be a man of consequence.

Still I have to agree with Gillsing above. The whole world is my favourite character. ♥

    Trav the bean » 1 Oct 2012 » Reply

    I am glad you like how the print came out- once i send all the rewards out- i will make this print available as well.

    Today's dragons (brought to you by the letter "D") are tiny dragons.:) not all dragons are big like brutus, these days.

    Bean is growing and hopefully he will retain some of that innocence. I think it is an important quality about a people… not being naive but innocent. I think they are two different qualities.

    As for the world i love creating the world as well. I also love letting the world get bigger and bigger. It's been fun traveling it and seeing where it expands to.
    well keep creating

Gillsing » 1 Oct 2012 » Reply

Can "the world" be a character? If so, that's my favourite. Otherwise I don't really have a favourite character.

    trav » 1 Oct 2012 » Reply

    the world is an important character- it has emotion and life. Making the world a favorite is ok by me:)

susan » 1 Oct 2012 » Reply

Siv, hands down, is my favorite, which is why I was so sad to see him die. I kept hoping he wasn't really dead 🙁

I liked the fact that he was a quiet, strong person who obviously had an intriguing backstory. He was the guy you knew would take care of things.

    trav » 1 Oct 2012 » Reply

    i like siv too- and there is so much more of his story to tell….

Grey Matter » 1 Oct 2012 » Reply

Go inside, Bean, before you get grabbed by another dragon! Sheesh!

    trav » 1 Oct 2012 » Reply

    some kids will never learn


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