The Bean 425
The Bean 425
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sorry- got back from ape- no journal update with this update – but I am working on the APE review and the a new shop talk

keep creating.



michaeljsouth » 16 Oct 2012 » Reply

Something tells me he's not about to have a Pumbaa "maybe he'll be on our side" moment. [edit: or maybe that's just what you WANT us to think…]

trav » 15 Oct 2012 » Reply

very true- he must not be a very nice guy

lithicbee » 15 Oct 2012 » Reply

Yeah, but there's doing what needs to be done, and taking ruthless pleasure in doing what needs to be done, and that evil smirk and "easy kill" comment point to the latter.

lithicbee » 15 Oct 2012 » Reply

We still don't have a name for this guy, do we? Wow, he loses hero points for being so excited about killing what is essentially a baby!

    trav » 15 Oct 2012 » Reply

    no name yet-

    but it's a dragon and dragons must be eradicated.

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