The Bean 426
The Bean 426
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Well it’s time to do another FB contest. This is for the Travis Hanson Bean Fan Page. I am giving away another custom piece of art. This time with a twist, every time we hit a hundred shares, I will add another winner. This contest goes until Oct 30th.

Also the digital version of book 3 is up at the store, plus I am waiting for the proofs on the books. I am really excited about finishing this book off.

I am getting ready to start book 4 and I am getting excited about that.

keep creating



La Mettrie » 19 Oct 2012 » Reply

Haha, I thought so! Although I didn't know it would happen quite like this.

Leszek Cyfer » 19 Oct 2012 » Reply

For wanting to kill a small dragon he became a small dragon himself 😀

    trav » 19 Oct 2012 » Reply

    are you sure? maybe she is going to just fry him

Celidah » 18 Oct 2012 » Reply

*jaw drops* NO WAY! Is that…is that who I think…you're kidding! Oh man…OH MAN…

When's the next page again? I've got to see if I'm right!

    trav » 18 Oct 2012 » Reply

    sunday is going to be a long wait isn't it. now if you had the digital version (which is online) you would know 🙂

    I know i'm evil

      lithicbee » 19 Oct 2012 » Reply

      D'oh. I have the digital version but didn't realize it was ahead of the website! Will have to go check it out.

      Celidah » 19 Oct 2012 » Reply

      *narrows eyes*

      Well-played, Mr. Hanson.

        trav » 19 Oct 2012 » Reply

        🙂 always try to keep on top of things

lithicbee » 18 Oct 2012 » Reply

Oooooohhhhhhhhh. I think I see now why we haven't been given the knight's name yet.

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