The Bean 427
The Bean 427
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Today’s update – I really like today’s update. I think it adds so much more to the character of thaddeus and his motivations. Something that has been discussed these last few months. Also book proofs have been sent back to the printer and the book is on the press. We are almost at the end of the process. Once I get the books for Book 3 I will put the books up online.

On a side note- My oldest boy read through book 3. You must realize I am very tight lipped about the story even with my kids and he found something (that was a strip already posted) that talks about elven origins. 🙂 Nobody else has gotten or mentioned. Made me proud.

The contest is in full swing- we are about 20 shares shy of my picking a 2nd winner to win another original ink. It’s on my FB fan page and a great way to win another great peace of original inked art.

Well back to commissions and book 4-

keep creating