The Bean 431
The Bean 431
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Back from the tuscon comic con and still sick as a dog… we’ll talk later.

keep creating



michaeljsouth » 7 Nov 2012 » Reply

Hey just caught up the last several pages after a reading hiatus–nice that it happened that i got to read most of that backstory in a sitting. I think because of that I'm uniquely qualified (unlike these other lame page-at-a-timers) to say it was everything a reader wants in a backstory.

    trav » 8 Nov 2012 » Reply

    i am glad that it is everything you needed in a backstory- that makes me happy

Batair Alai » 6 Nov 2012 » Reply

Oh man I absolutely LOVE the architecture in this webcomic!

Frankfurter » 5 Nov 2012 » Reply

I think we have a training theme or a quote that will help Bean make a good decision in the future. That sword will make Bean "a creature, so strong and fierce…"

    trav » 8 Nov 2012 » Reply

    not a bad thought:)

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