The Bean 442
The Bean 442
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1st off – thank you to everyone that participated in the kickstarter project to get book 3 printed. You were amazing and I can tell you that all the books and rewards have been sent. I could not have done this without you. I am grateful and humbled by your help.

Also for everyone that is interested book 3 is now available at the bean leaf press store. Every book also comes signed with an illustration in it. Your support makes this possible.

Now, I realized that if I could draw bean full time, I could literally put out a full book every 4 months, and update the comic daily. To do that though I need to pick up more work and sell more prints. So please encourage your friends to come and experience the world of the bean

Thank you once again – I am working on book 4 and it is getting really good, I can wait to show it to you.

keep creating