The Bean 447
The Bean 447
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Happy New Year. I hope you enjoy the updates-

Make your goals your adventures. Let them become a quest and every quest needs a good map. So just dont write out your goal, map it out and then follow the path to the x. Watch for traps and pitfalls, look for the clues to make it successful and most of all, keep that map close to your heart. Good luck my dear adventurers in finding the x on your map for 2013.

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Mercy » 31 Dec 2012 » Reply

That's a very encouraging thought. It's nice to picture myself on a quest — especially when the traps involve household routine.

    trav » 3 Jan 2013 » Reply

    it's how i manage to survive by making my goals quests. it's avoiding the pitfalls and traps that are the problem mercy

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