The Bean 461
The Bean 461
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Sorry for the late delay- but something fantastic has happened- just watch the video and it will explain everything



snarkfest » 22 Feb 2013 » Reply

Spot on, Karyl! What goes around comes around, and it looks like the Karmic wheel has not been kind to this guy.

Karyl » 22 Feb 2013 » Reply

Yeah, he started this whole thing, and now he's back to trying to find what he thought he could keep–he's got a long way to go, he does! This is what you get for making a dishwasher your sword fetch!

Ol' Gui » 21 Feb 2013 » Reply

At times like this it would be nice to have a hard copy of this story. I can usually find info in a book much easier than in a webcomic archive. this character has seen better days and I think is not an evil one.

susan » 21 Feb 2013 » Reply

Uh oh. *Somebody's* not happy!

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