The Bean 463
The Bean 463
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I guess it popped up a day early…. no worries – anyways- the kickstarter project has almost reached in initial funding point- we are almost there.  So if you want in on this very very limited artbook- nows the chance to do it.

Stretch goals are coming… 🙂 – Just click the image below

Also I will be at the Emerald City Comic Con this week in Seattle- so come on by for some free sketches and just hang out at table 505 with me

keep creating –



Andy » 1 Mar 2013 » Reply

serves him right for speaqking only in rhyme. I'd run him through just for that!

SnaleKing » 27 Feb 2013 » Reply

Oh, he is so pissed. Excellent art and character as always.
I wish I could contribute to all these cool webcomic kickstarters, or even get enough off my plate to work on my own comic… *curls claws in futile anger*

Puck » 27 Feb 2013 » Reply

Ominous. Epic Battle of Epicness will still be Epic.

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