The Bean 470
The Bean 470
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Kickstarter Update: Here’s the finished cover and also the FREE Print that will come with the book. You must be a backer of the Art book to get the Free Print. I am not putting some of these stretch goal pieces up for sale to the general public.

If you want to join in just click one of the pics and/or follow the link to my Kickstarter project and find the tier right for you.

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Link to Trav’s Kickstarter Project.

here is the FREE Print for everyone that backs the projects- All reward tiers are eligible now.


SotiCoto » 9 Sep 2013 » Reply

So after her little talk about trust, she really wants to throw her lot in with this guy?

Andy » 26 Mar 2013 » Reply

Are those nunchaku (sp)?

Steven Zosso » 25 Mar 2013 » Reply

Hi Trav,

I started reading your epic sometime last fall. I did it start to finish over the course of 3 days – I wasn't very productive at work those days. Heh. I took a break for a few months and just caught up from where I left off. I am really looking forward to riding this one out. You got me hooked.

I really like the authoritatve personality Otter puts off. She is certainly going to be a very important role model in Bean's life now that Siv is gone. This "old codger" seems like a shifty fellow. I think Bean may be learning something from her rather soon.

I think my favorite character so far is Thaddeus. I get the feeling we will be seeing more of him. Maybe in White Hall?

Good luck with the Kickstarter project! I'm looking forward to the art book.


DadaHyena » 25 Mar 2013 » Reply

Beautiful book cover!

@Rafnasil » 25 Mar 2013 » Reply

An opportunist and scavenger. Even though he might try to rob them blind I think he will underestimate them both.

Frankfurter » 25 Mar 2013 » Reply

Maybe it's my American paranoia but something about this guy makes me nervous.

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