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The Bean 469
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Kickstarter update: We are about to break the 1st Stretch Goal. I am really excited about this, I have designed a very special gift just for those that support my project. When we hit the stretch goal I have a print that will be made special for ALL reward tiers.  This print will not be available for retail it is just for kickstarter. I will be posting that image in a day or so.

The cover inks are now complete. I just finished these last night. I think it really explains the mood and feel of the book and my worlds. Enjoy…

the Bean: First off if you are new to the Bean welcome. To start from the beginning, just follow the link. I am working hard on the next installment as well. I just finished the script for the fourth book and I am really happy with the ending of the book (not the series just the book). In fact I have added about 12 pages to the story. This means book 4 will be longer than book 3. It is worth it.

So much is going on right now. I am working hard to keeping it all together and I could not have done it with out your support and your help. So, thank you.

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Ams » 22 Mar 2013 » Reply

So, I just read your story, start to finish. I am extremely sad that Siv died. I could tell from your blog underneath that you were sad too. I guess it was smart to have him die relatively early so he doesn't get in the way of Bean when he comes into power. hat would be a weird ethical dilemma you may not have wanted to address.

Also, the funeral was needed for "reader closure" so thank you for that. Too many books kill off main or favorite characters without allowing the reader to mourn. T (Stayed up late last night :P). I am enjoying it, but I do have a few questions.
1) You have been working on this story since 2009. Do you ever get tired of it and wish you never started?
2) Also, after four years, the climax has yet to be reached. How many years do you think it will be for the story to conclude?
3) Who is "the ranger" and will we see him?
4) Who made the earth kindgom- earth or the trolls?
5) Is this scifi or fantasy? It is reading like a fantasy, but the scifi elements, such as the elf space ships (and the possible reason for humans to live underground b/c of nuclear winter) makes me wonder if one day I will learn more…
6) You are going to be develping beans character more, right? Because right now he is basically some kid who has been thrown here and there, is somewhat a pawn of the sword and those around him, and isn't really thinking for himself. As a title character, these are not very good traits to have. So far, my favorite character is Ravana. She is balanced.

    trav » 23 Mar 2013 » Reply

    first off- thank you for the comments and the questions. I am glad you are enjoying it. I was very sad as well when siv went down… but the growth was not so much for bean but for a barmaid. The thought hadn't occurred to me about what would have happened with bean and siv at the white hall… though that thought might not be dead.

    You are welcome about the funeral- I agree Ravna needed a little closure, though she is till in great pain.

    ok on to your questions
    1. Do i ever tired? yes. That's why I do prints. I find that the prints allow me to break away every now and then from the bean. Yet Bean is my passion and i am looking at seeing where it goes.

    2. Don't know? There will be 10 to 11 books by the time I am done. The ending is already laid out. The fun part will be getting there. I am in the middle of book four. Just click the store link and you can find the books. Each one is about 180 pages each.

    3. Not sure, just a guy that owes a debt. That is the cool thing about this story is we meet characters that are mentioned and you never see. It allows you to create back grounds for them.

    4. Both- The earthdwellers and the Red Rock Trolls helped build a lot of the underground… and some of it was already there.

    5. One day you will learn more. As for this being Sci-fi or fantasty – I would say there are elements of both there, but we're not going out into space.

    6. you bet and since this is an epic story i am taking my time to do it. Bean starts to come out of his shell and become more of a deeper character in book 4.

    6a. I like Ravna as well.

    If you have more questions please ask away:)

Ben » 21 Mar 2013 » Reply

Also, should the last sentence have a question mark at the end?

Ben » 21 Mar 2013 » Reply

I remember that. Right odd, it seemed, an elfling and a boy sitting together all cosy like, the stains of the road worn right into their cloaks. The beasts up front seemed to like them, though, so they could probably be trusted.

    trav » 23 Mar 2013 » Reply

    i would be careful if i were you, you can never trust strangers these days.

DepartureVic » 21 Mar 2013 » Reply

I love panel 1… where the foreground "horizon" becomes the bottom panel border. I keep learning by watching you Travis!

    trav » 23 Mar 2013 » Reply

    🙂 glad you like that- i learned that technique from someone else a long time ago- I think it was Rod Tinner

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