The Bean 469
The Bean 469
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Kickstarter update: We are about to break the 1st Stretch Goal. I am really excited about this, I have designed a very special gift just for those that support my project. When we hit the stretch goal I have a print that will be made special for ALL reward tiers.  This print will not be available for retail it is just for kickstarter. I will be posting that image in a day or so.

The cover inks are now complete. I just finished these last night. I think it really explains the mood and feel of the book and my worlds. Enjoy…

the Bean: First off if you are new to the Bean welcome. To start from the beginning, just follow the link. I am working hard on the next installment as well. I just finished the script for the fourth book and I am really happy with the ending of the book (not the series just the book). In fact I have added about 12 pages to the story. This means book 4 will be longer than book 3. It is worth it.

So much is going on right now. I am working hard to keeping it all together and I could not have done it with out your support and your help. So, thank you.

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