The Bean 474
The Bean 474
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Hello my fellow adventurers-

Ok with just 2 weeks left- we are almost at our 2nd stretch goal, which is a COLORING BOOK! I am really excited about this coloring book. In fact I am looking forward to finishing this book off. The coloring book will be for every tier over $45 dollars. So if you pledged the $45 reward or higher, if we make this goal you will get a coloring book along with your book.

So I decided to draw up the cover in advance and here it is…

The coloring book will have 24 b/w pages of line work of  some old prints, some new prints and some never before released prints. Very excited about this.

Here is the other part of the exciting adventure- I decided to make it possible for people to get a 2nd book for whatever tier they pledged on.

So jump on board- It’s been a wonderful and wild ride, one that I could not have done alone. Thank you for playing in my imagination and with my adventures. You guys have been awesome….

Now back to some Bean-

Keep Creating-