The Bean 511
The Bean 511
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I apologize right off the bat, if you posted a comment in the last ten episodes it might not be there. This is do to an small technical issue on importing that I hope to have fixed.  I feel really bad, but i think there should be no problems from now on.



msouth » 31 Oct 2013 » Reply

Destiney should be destiny. (love the comic, as always, just telling you this to help)

@tlavely » 18 Aug 2013 » Reply

The Nav bar is borked, if that's a concern. Like Prev here points to 502. However, that's really trivial to the art and stroy! Thanks for sharing!

    trav » 6 Dec 2013 » Reply

    cleaned that up as well- we are all back to normal

someone » 17 Aug 2013 » Reply

It seems the technical problems aren't limited to comment import: page 507 (in title, 501 in URL) is the one where the old man tries to bully Otter into giving more than a bag of jade bits, and page 508/502 is where Otter and Bean leave him behind. The page where she reveals her identity and intimidate the old guy into not being too greedy is missing.

    trav » 17 Aug 2013 » Reply

    ok i think i fixed it.

Ruthie » 17 Aug 2013 » Reply

First off, I like everything about this page. But, especially, I like that Otter's face int the third panel is the most "normal" we've ever seen on her, it help me envision how she would look if she were younger, plus she looks a bit concerned for Bean. Also, this is the first mention I've noticed of the sword actually glowing when Bean wielded it.

    trav » 6 Dec 2013 » Reply

    🙂 she is concerned for the kid- especially now the adrenalin is all gone.

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