The Bean 529
The Bean 529
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I do hope you are enjoying the new site. Still tweaking (not twerking) things here, but I am much happier. Also I hope you go to the home page. There is a ton of new art, new blogs, and some exciting news. Just trying to make things fun for everyone.

Keep creating




Jeffersmurf » 7 May 2014 » Reply

I like how honest and trustworthy you made the Red Rock Troll race seem (except, you know, Collector). I enjoy stories that don't follow normal stereotypes, like trolls being big and scary or small and mischievous instead of just average and friendly. There's even a page on TV Tropes called Our Trolls Are Different.

Mikael Barstow » 21 Oct 2013 » Reply

To add to the new site feedback, I'm not sure if your contact form is working. I tried sending you a message through it, but when I hit submit, nothing happens. Thanks.

    trav » 6 Dec 2013 » Reply

    noted on that- still cleaning things up

acob » 20 Oct 2013 » Reply

Just wanted to add to the feedback for the new site; I almost always check your comic from my mobile and it's very frustrating since the site keeps resizing when I zoom to read the text, thus keeping the comic text illegible at times. Maybe define a minimum pixel width? Cheers

    Trav the bean » 21 Oct 2013 » Reply

    i completely see what you are saying- let me see what we can do to work on that

Ruth » 18 Oct 2013 » Reply

Frankly, the new site is not very friendly. It takes forever to get to the comic, my main interest. I love all the art and stuff that you do, but right now reading the comic is my interest.

    Jared Benning » 19 Oct 2013 » Reply

    Good Morning Ruth, thank you for the comments. Here is a little trick, bookmark the following link:

    This will bring you to the latest comic every time. We are still tweaking the site to improve the user interface and design and we appreciate your comments.

    Regards, Jared at Code204

    Trav the bean » 19 Oct 2013 » Reply

    Thank ruth working on it 🙂 I want you to be happy

Roy » 17 Oct 2013 » Reply

Ah, journeys, not journey's. Dang apostrophe finally appears and it's in the wrong place. 😉 One thing I've wondered about Roc Noc's speech… He often speaks in lowercase letters… except when he doesn't. Were you intending to be consistent on that? (Great work, as always!)

    Trav the bean » 17 Oct 2013 » Reply


    For Roc Nocs speech and the collector i wanted them to have kinda of an alien like feel to it. Sort of off. Since you can't hear them speak and have to imagine it, i knew i would have to make that visual. I will match it though when book 4 goes to print to book 3.

Seros Senric » 17 Oct 2013 » Reply

You've done well with this scene to make it emotional.

I'm still getting used to the new site.
And, on previous pages, the image changing on mouse over to show it can be clicked is just… weird. A little smaller and turning transparent?
The visible change is nice for the non-comic images, although them both changing size and transparency seems wrong to me. Can you have it just the transparency? And it'd be nice if the comic pages could be excluded from it – I often read comics with the mouse over the page, so it makes it harder for me to read.

    Trav the bean » 17 Oct 2013 » Reply

    thank you for the comments- this is still a work in process – so hearing peoples comments like this – helps me address and fix – Thanks and I am glad you liked the scene as well.

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