The Bean 561
The Bean 561
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First off completely blown away from the review by That was way cool. I am happy and the response has been incredible. I don’t even know where to be begin, so I will begin with a thank you.

If you haven’t noticed 561 pages is a lot to read:). One of the drawbacks from epic webcomics. Yet I plan to keep going because there is still so much to be told of this story and where is Bean going. The web format has been good in allowing me to share my story, yet it is not how I intended it to be read. I come from a print background and so I drew this to be printed as well. In fact the first 12 chapters are in print now as books 1, 2, and 3. By picking them up you can truly see how I intended my story to be told. See the spreads and the small additions that the web just doesn’t show. To order the books just go here  –  (I also add a special sketch in the cover of each one)

Now back to the story.

Thanks again for enjoying and reading my tale.