The Bean 561
The Bean 561
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First off completely blown away from the review by That was way cool. I am happy and the response has been incredible. I don’t even know where to be begin, so I will begin with a thank you.

If you haven’t noticed 561 pages is a lot to read:). One of the drawbacks from epic webcomics. Yet I plan to keep going because there is still so much to be told of this story and where is Bean going. The web format has been good in allowing me to share my story, yet it is not how I intended it to be read. I come from a print background and so I drew this to be printed as well. In fact the first 12 chapters are in print now as books 1, 2, and 3. By picking them up you can truly see how I intended my story to be told. See the spreads and the small additions that the web just doesn’t show. To order the books just go here  –  (I also add a special sketch in the cover of each one)

Now back to the story.

Thanks again for enjoying and reading my tale.



Scott » 4 Aug 2015 » Reply

I read under a previous panel that you appreciate grammar corrections. In the full spirit of comradeship as a reader … "Ma'am" not "Mam" in panel one.

ThePuck1 » 9 Feb 2014 » Reply

This may have dire consequences when the other refugees try to get some medicine of their own. Run, Bean, Run!

    trav » 10 Feb 2014 » Reply

    it might – something one must think about.

Aquila audax » 8 Feb 2014 » Reply

I have enjoyed every moment so far. Even the sad ones. And I agree whole heartedly with ChrisJ. Absolutely a treasure! Thank you!

    trav » 9 Feb 2014 » Reply

    thank you – that''s the problem with some epics – theres always sad moments 🙂

Random Guy » 7 Feb 2014 » Reply

Ooh, elvish redbull.

    trav » 9 Feb 2014 » Reply

    dont we wish we had some

ChrisJ » 6 Feb 2014 » Reply

One of the things I love about Bean is that you don't rush through to tell the story or get to a particular plot point. I've read so many webcomics where the author rushed through and I'm left wondering what happened. When a story is well told, 561 pages is a treasure not a burden.

    trav » 6 Feb 2014 » Reply

    I am glad to hear that- i have felt the temptation of rushing the story… but i think it takes away from the tale i want to tell. I want my readers to have a connection with characters, places and events… I too would like to see more webcomics take a little more time in crafting their tale.

Ray » 6 Feb 2014 » Reply

Love the comic.

Grammar nitpick: then not than

    trav » 6 Feb 2014 » Reply

    Thanks ray- most of the grammar errors are pulled out when we go to print. Since I am dyslexic we use this medium to let the readers help edit as well:) They catch all sorts of things, just like what you did. I appreciate that.

sfbell09 » 6 Feb 2014 » Reply

Speaking for myself, I am enjoying reading The Bean. You style is distinctive and the story is, well, epic. And moments like this week show the gentle humanity inside Bean.

    trav » 6 Feb 2014 » Reply

    🙂 thank you . Humanity i think is sometimes hard to show in a comic or any story, but i think it's an extremely important element.

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