The Bean 563
The Bean 563
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Ol' Gui » 17 Feb 2014 » Reply

These people walking in the snow and cold remind me of those caught on the highways on the East Coast. Leaving their cars behind and going Shank's Mare is a tough way to go.

Odo » 14 Feb 2014 » Reply

The sword attached to the backpack is not Bean's, so it argues that at least some of these people have swords. As for the Elvish sword, it's fancy-pantishness is not external but internal. At least that's how I read it.

    Ol' Gui » 18 Feb 2014 » Reply

    The hooded figure that is probably Bean is carrying a sword on it's left hip and the blade is protruding out the back of the cloak. Some folk may wonder why such a young fellow has a sword but I'm sure most are busy putting one foot in front of the other.

Andy » 13 Feb 2014 » Reply

Is that Bean's sword? Wouldn't that draw unwanted attention? What with its super fancy-pantsiness (it's a word!)

Ol' Gui » 13 Feb 2014 » Reply

A couple of them are darn frigid. Keep trudging or freeze. Survival is hard work and emotionally draining.

Glenn » 13 Feb 2014 » Reply

I think they're all cold now.

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