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The Bean 589
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Well after 15 years of being an art director I found out last monday that I am now unemployed. Grateful for the opportunity I had to help build that company from 11 employees to where it is today. I will surely miss working with them.Now there is a another door for me to go through… I have no idea where it leads… but I am putting it in the lords hands. He will take care of us and my only guess is that this is just part of the plan.If you are need of a very experienced graphic designer and illustrator drop me a line… and thank you for everything. Or if you want to support the Bean you can pick up some books or prints. Any support will be appreciated. My commission are open- and if you want to put you, your family or some characters into an adventure come visit me. I am drawing for everyone 🙂

This wont stop the bean and I am looking at doing some great things with the Bean. Finishing book 4 is now a top priority and I am looking at coloring the bean as well. Might as well as I have some time 🙂 Maybe we can get book 1 colored. 🙂 or at least half of it.
Thanks again for all the support you have given me and my family these last few years. Keep creating – keep imagining and keep moving forward.

nanabozho » 24 Jun 2014 » Reply

I have been through some verrry tight spots in my life (66) and it took me a whole heck of a lot of time to realise that I always had had incredible luck. Even in the worst moments when I was alone in a strange city, without a roof over my head, help came in unexpected ways. I thinkthe gods like to help us when we don't ask anything from them…

sparkplug54 » 23 Jun 2014 » Reply

Trav, sorry to read the news. Hope they gave you a severance pkg. But, if you need to divert your time and energy from the Bean into job hunting, don't feel bad about it. The artist must eat and pay the rent. Completing my set of Bean books will wait. Wishing I had more to offer, I'm hoping things turn out well, and soon.

    trav » 23 Jun 2014 » Reply

    Thank you- im going to be just fine. And if you go look at page 1of bean you will see what is about to happen to this incredible story. I'm gonna make it happen. If you want to support – just go to my store – find a print you like – but i promise you bean will continue- I know it will.

Denita TwoDragons » 23 Jun 2014 » Reply

I am so, so sorry that you lost your job! But your faith is absolutely encouraging. I'll be praying for you and your family.

sfbell09 » 23 Jun 2014 » Reply

A woman who can lay an Ogre out in the street is probably not one to trifle with. Keep your faith, times like these are full of potential for growth and the chance to spend time in areas where you may not have had as much before. God bless you and keep you, you and your family will be in my prayers.

    odhrain » 23 Jun 2014 » Reply

    I think it is only a human (five fingers,…), but still impressive. And she may be a good fighter, but not a very rational one. I would throw no one through my own window, if there is an open door next to it, as an alternative. A stained glass window is quite expensive.

      sfbell09 » 23 Jun 2014 » Reply

      Well spotted. It seems likely that the lady is a bit of a hothead. Act first, consider consequences after the fact.

Random Guy » 23 Jun 2014 » Reply

Oh look, a tauntaun.

Carl Edwards » 23 Jun 2014 » Reply

I find it sad to read about something like this.
As someone who has obvious talents and skills I am upset to read about how you are now without employment.
I wish you everything of the best in the time ahead – there are and will be great opportunities for you, of that I am certain.
Although I am unable to contribute anything at this point I hope that I will be able to in the near future.
Thank you for the awesome artwork that you produce and thank you for sharing it with all of us.

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