The Bean 606
The Bean 606
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tannerjones Time is running out to pre-order and get your book with the rest of the kickstarters- I will though have the book on my site very very soon.

Thanks again for all the incredible support and keep creating.




dubiuousbyhabit » 20 Oct 2014 » Reply

I'll admit to being pretty impressed with Bean's character, all around. He's a brave, competent kid who seems very good at knowing who to trust and who not to.

    Megaben » 21 Oct 2014 » Reply

    Reminds me something of Aang.

      Scott » 5 Aug 2015 » Reply

      Who is Aang? Sounds like the last airbender, maybe … ?

rfaramir » 20 Oct 2014 » Reply

Good to see them both displaying wisdom here.

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