The Bean 86
The Bean 86
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patreonsmalladworking hard on some new pages and pushing through on coloring some old ones. I really like how this is turning out and I really love getting back into the underground. Something about making the underground alive just makes me giddy. Also working on some daily sketches to keep my spirits high and my mind and hand clear.

Thanks again for the incredible support-

keep creating





arphaus » 17 Aug 2015 » Reply

Absolutely love how the panels & borders are broken up with elements from the scenes, look forward to seeing this page in color.

Trav the bean » 2 Jun 2011 » Reply

nope they were Red Rock Trolls and Earthdwellers (dwarfs)

Emma » 20 May 2011 » Reply

So, the inhabitants of the underground city were Olmecs?

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