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The Bean 622
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Well I launched the Kickstarter on Thursday of last week and in 12 hours we hit out initial goal. I am totally floored about the response so far on book 4. I am really excited about what is happening and where things are going. I was not expecting to hit the goal so quickly, but that only set us up for some really cool Stretch goals. I will release the stretch goals one at a time. The first stretch goal is a huge 18×24 in map of the broken moon. The same style as the tanner jones map. I want it to be exciting and look good. The really cool thing is that the goals will only get better. In fact I have something really exci

ting planed for the next one.

So please share – spread the word and lets make this adventure bigger and bigger. Your support has made this book what it is do far and I am very grateful for that.


Thank you again and I am also working at getting back to a two a week update schedule.

Keep creating and keep dreaming big .



dubiuousbyhabit » 10 Feb 2015 » Reply

Yeah, you run, knife-ears! Lousy, backstabbing elf ninja-minions.

dweev » 9 Feb 2015 » Reply

surviving 'ninja' will have to explain to boss guy– goes something like this:
(enters all dirty, wet, bloody and disheveled)
"uh, this is embarrassing… remember the little boy with that big sword you wanted?"

wnp » 9 Feb 2015 » Reply

Don't know if Tia actually threw it but she may well have guided it. The unsmileyface on the fleeing assailant says, "best tell what happened." It will only be half of what is to come.

Odo » 9 Feb 2015 » Reply

Did Tia just throw a rather substantial seax, or did that come from Otter. We really don't know Tia's full abilities. Theron looks angry and sad at the same time.

    Caleb » 9 Feb 2015 » Reply

    If you look at the bottom panel, Otter's arm is in position to have just finished a throw and she is lined up right to have thrown that weapon.

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