The Bean 635
The Bean 635
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Good morning- I hope the day finds you well and the adventure exciting. Well we are back in the underground and the story is moving into a direction that I am really excited about.

Also a lot of work is happening on the Kickstarter- Rewards are being drawn and the trading cards are going to the printer. I am so looking forward to finishing this huge project off so I can start my next one.

Thank you again for all the support.




Ruthie » 13 May 2015 » Reply

Yeah, I don't know what all that dark stuff is. It's hard to tell from context exactly what I'm looking at. The columns, however, are really starting to look like giant tree roots, which is a pretty awesome effect. Also, I reallyreallyreally want a pet lemurcoon, or whatever you call those furry adorables running around in the top corner. 😀

wnp » 12 May 2015 » Reply

My first thought was a terranean submarine and the equivalent of Noah's ark. Ancient history being relived as the earth dwellers would remember it.

Andy » 11 May 2015 » Reply

Whoa, I just noticed the tiny people (I assume) walking up to the dragon ship. That gives it quite a sense of scale.

Denita TwoDragons » 11 May 2015 » Reply

It's another game of "Spot The Hidden Faces"! You give my pareidolia such a workout, Trav! 😉

Andy » 11 May 2015 » Reply

Hmm, looks like a crashed dragon spaceship…

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