The Bean 636
The Bean 636
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Good morning- Today book 4 went to press. It is about time I tell you. YAY.

Also packing up for Denver Comic Con- Looking forward to being there.

Oh and …. exploring some new themes for bean…. 🙂




The Puck 1 » 19 May 2015 » Reply

or, Bean 343. The numbers don't quite match to the links.

Megaben » 19 May 2015 » Reply

No, this was the spaceship (or one of the spaceships) the elves crash-landed onto the world of the broken moon in long ago. See page 336.

Asryth » 18 May 2015 » Reply

Definately an air ship of some kind. The steampunk in me wants to see this thing flying into the White Hall with Fencer at the wheel.

Andy » 18 May 2015 » Reply

Aw yeah, dragon spaceship. 🙂

Ruthie » 18 May 2015 » Reply

Oh, yeah! My sci-fi senses are tingling now. Not sure where this leads, but I'm getting very excited to see what comes next. 😀

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